My name is Hanka Nussbaumer.
Im a certified gynecologist and obstetrician with 15 years experience.

Our team is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care. We provide a full range of services to women of all ages, including prenatal care, annual exams, fertility evaluation and menopausal care.
For all obstetric and gynecologic needs, we are committed to providing personalized care for each and every patient.

Our Team:
Dr. med. Hanka Nussbaumer, board certified gynecologist and obstetrician FMH
Annette Reift
Karin Rudin

We are located at Holbeinstrasse 36, 4051 Basel.
T: 061 272 14 00


New Doctor!
We are very happy to announce that Dr. med. Friederike Thieringer is joining us in January 2024. Appointments can be made from November on.

We are currently not accepting any new patients. Please register for a regular annual check about 3 months in advance for Dr. Nussbaumer and 1–2 months in advance for Dr. Thieringer, for urgent matters we will (almost) always find a timely appointment for you.

Our telephone is very busy, please understand that there may be waiting times. Online boooking is eneabled for now.
Medical questions cannot be answered by my employees, so we now offer fixed telephone appointments.




Contact informationen and directions

Dr. med. Hanka Nussbaumer, gynecologist and obstetrician FMH
Dr. med. Friederike Thieringer, gynecologist and obstetrician

Praxis Nussbaumer Thieringer Telephone
Holbeinstrasse 36 +41 (0)61 272 14 00
4051 Basel 
Office hours:
Mo, Di, Mi: 8.30 – 12 und 14.00 – 17.00
Do: 8.30 - 12

You can book and manage appointments online here.
For inquiries by email please use our form.

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Stellvertretungen, Ferienvertretung

Ausserhalb der Praxisöffnungszeiten können Sie sich jederzeit an die Frauenklinik ihres Wohnkantons wenden.

Notfall Frauenklinik Universitätsspital Basel
061 328 75 00

Gebärsaal Universitätsspital Basel
061 265 90 49

Bethesdaspital Zentrale
061 315 21 21

Bethesdaspital Gebärsaal
061 315 22 22

Medizinische Notrufzentrale
061 261 15 15


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